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Michigan Bars Could Stay Open Later; Dr. Sushi Takes Over Rodin; Atwater in Grosse Pointe Park

Two James: Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MICHIGAN— Everyone's in a tizzy today about the proposed bill that would allow bars in central business districts to stay open until 4:00 a.m., instead of the current 2:00 a.m. closing time. The bill would charge bars a hefty fee, $10,000 per year to be exact, but 85% of those fees would go to local police departments, which is tempering the concern of some (but not all) police chiefs overseeing areas where the law could go into effect. [Freep]

MIDTOWN— French restaurant Rodin is about to make a change on Monday evenings in October and November as they welcome Dr. Sushi for weekly pop-ups in their space. Dr. Sushi will be sourcing local seasonal ingredients in an experimental sushi and Japanese menu, which will change every week. Chef Ollie Honderd of Resto Change O! will be collaborating on the meals as well, so expect things you won't find anywhere else in the State. The pop-ups will take place at Rodin every Monday in October and November, except for October 14th. [-ED-]

GROSSE POINTE— The rumors are true, Atwater Brewery is indeed taking over a Grosse Pointe Park church, and construction is underway. The space is supposed to open in the spring, and will include a biergarten, beer hall, and even a circular bar with pews for benches. [Curbed Detroit]


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