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Halloween at Detroit's Haunted Two Way Inn; Happy Hour Hotspots

HAMTRAMCK— The city's oldest bar, the Two Way Inn, is haunted by a cowboy ghost, which makes it a perfect Halloween destination. Just in case extra incentive is needed they're hosting a party on Thursday (actual Halloween for those who are in the dark) with $2 specials, open pool games, and a costume contest. [Facebook]

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— It's time to tip your Eater! We're searching for the best Happy Hours in and around Detroit, and we want your input. Think Roast is overrated or top notch? Is Valentine where it's at or just where it used to be? Let us know where the food is cheap and the pours are generous. [-ED-]

Two Way Inn

17897 Mt Elliott St, Hamtramck, MI 48212