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Residential Tower Heads to Auction; More Coffee in Campus Martius

CAMPUS MARTIUS—Since early summer, several clues have pointed to a new Starbucks opening in Campus Martius. After months of indifference/denial from Starbucks HQ, several posters recently appeared in a ground floor storefront at One Kennedy Square, all with an identical message: STARBUCKS COMING SOON.
CAPITOL PARK—Once under the radar, the Clark Lofts building has jumped into the real estate limelight. We discovered the building had quietly listed itself on, with a scheduled auction happening later in November. Who will win downtown's latest residential prize?
MILWAUKEE JUNCTION— Workers recently began renovating an abandoned diner known as Dave's Drive-In. Sources told us that Bucharest Grill is behind it, making it their second expansion. After renovating an old Chinese restaurant in Corktown, it would appear the Bucharest ownership has an affinity for renovating tiny, disgusting restaurants.