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Great Lakes Coffee Now Sells Booze; MI Breweries Make Appearance in Cookbook

Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Coffee

MIDTOWN— This week Midtown favorite Great Lakes Coffee expands their role from coffee shop/bar/small plates eatery to include wine and beer store. The to-go store will feature a large assortment of specialty beers and wines, and they're hosting an opening party today, Friday, October 18th, and tomorrow, the 20th. Check their Facebook page for more information. [-ED-]

MICHIGANThe Great American Craft Beer Cookbook is a thing, and author John Holl included recipes from all over the country, even Michigan. The folks over at Metro Times are a little miffed that no Detroit breweries on the list; "our only complaint is that Holl skipped Detroit and never got closer than Ann Arbor, choosing to fawn over Holland, Grand Rapids and K-zoo." That might be a disappointment for the D, but congratulations to those towns that made it. Maybe next year Detroit's own will have better luck. [Metro Times]

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Detroit Moxie put together their usual master weekend to-do list, and it includes events at the Detroit Zoo, Greenfield Village, Eastern Market, and more, so take a look if this weekend is seeming a little slow. Oh, and don't forget that Theatre Bizarre is this weekend too! [Detroit Moxie]

Eastern Market

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