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The Gov't Shutdown is Preventing Batch From Selling Beer to The Public

Photo Batch Brewing Co. Facebook

Think this government shutdown is not affecting day to day life in the D? Well think again, because Batch Brewing Co. can't sell any beer until it's over. The 2013 Hatch Detroit winners took to Facebook today to voice their frustration over the shutdown, explaining "We're 14 days into this Government Shutdown, and we're starting to lose our minds. We can't get our Federal Licensing (TTB brewer's notice) reviewed until the govt reopens their doors."

Batch has been brewing lots of beer in anticipation of their opening, including Brown Chicken Brown Ale, Czech One Two Golden Ale, and Rye IPA, but the public can't taste any of it until Batch gets their license. On their Facebook Page is the information for various gov't people unhappy Batch fans can call to encourage an end to this shutdown silliness so that the serious pursuit of beer drinking can commence.
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Batch Brewing Company

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