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Detroit Beer Week is Coming; Sugar House Has Boatloads of New Cocktails

Photo Blake's Hard Cider Co. Facebook

DETROIT— Restaurant weeks are nice, but beer weeks might be better, especially if it's Detroit Beer Week with events at Woodbridge Pub, St. CeCe's, The Jefferson House, Mudgie's, and more. Detroit Beer Week is taking place all over the city from October 17th-27th and will include lots of smaller events featuring beer and food pairing specials, breweries like Short's, and oh so much more. Keep checking back for updates, and visit the official Facebook page for more. [Facebook]

CORKTOWN— Fans of Sugar House will rejoice at the news that tonight they are debuting a brand new revamped seasonal menu, featuring around 42 new seasonal drinks, some punches, and some new classics, so eat a hearty dinner and head on over for some sampling. [Facebook]

GROSSE POINTEMindy Lopus, who just sold her Birmingham restaurant Tallulah, is now out of the business completely as the Cotton family has purchased her Southern Red Crown restaurant, and her two other unopened businesses as well. [Freep]

ARMADA— It's fall and that means Michigan apples, and Blake's Cider Mill is finally welcoming visitors in for a more grown up experience. Their tasting room is now open, and the new space will allow visitors to taste cider made on site in the new Blake's Cider House & Winery. Picking apples just became so much better. [Facebook]


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