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Rock City "Rocks"; Trattoria Pizzeria da Luigi is "Authentic"

Rock City Eatery: Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The Metro Times staff reviewed Rock City Eatery in Hamtramck this week, and had great things to say about the new place, singling out the bread and butter radish sampler, which "reminded us of a cheese plate more than anything, a homey bread-and-butter plate elevated to something much more interesting." They liked that the mac & cheese comes in a bowl made of cheese, but complained that "the menu gets a bit pricey" which seems an overstatement since the most expensive thing on the menu appears to be a $12 lamb burger (most of the small plates are around $6 or $7) which seems reasonable since this is real food, but the MT staff disagrees (even though, for the record, someone bought their meal). [Metro Times]

Strictly Detroit's Oliva Vizachero reviewed the fried chicken slider at Green Dot Stables this week, and she insists that stepping away from the more traditional beef options is worth the while, "I give you the Fried Chicken Slider. I know, your jaw just dropped when I said chicken instead of something cheeseburger related, but Green Dot has reinvented the wheel when it comes to these little sandwiches. And let me just say, is that wheel delicious." Green Dot certainly isn't new news, but it's nice to see it get some continued good press. [Strictly Detroit]

The 'burbs are represented this week in Molly Abraham's review of Trattoria Pizzeria da Luigi of Royal Oak, which has "authentic" Italian fare, including pizza. The pizza is worth ordering, Abraham says, but the other dishes, including antipasti, various pasta dishes, and larger entrees, are what set this new restaurant apart. All in all she claims that "unpretentious and likable, this new destination has the potential to become a Royal Oak favorite" and gives it 3 stars out of 4. [Detroit News]
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Green Dot Stables

2200 West Lafayette Boulevard, , MI 48216 (313) 962-5588 Visit Website

Rock City Eatery

4216 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 265-3729 Visit Website