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Palmer Park Eye Candy and Downtown's Stylish Renovation

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

PALMER PARK—The historic apartment district of Palmer Park is full of some crazy, Willy Wonka-style architecture. For cheap. Check out Curbed's recent neighborhood tour, or go straight to the most whimsical castle of them all: La Vogue.

EAST SIDE—The corner of Gratiot and Mack is home to the Goeschel Building, a terracotta beauty with an odd history. Though it has long been in decay, the building was secure and salvageable...until recently. Without warning, the interior has exploded into a mayhem of scrapping and graffiti.

DOWNTOWN—The last two years have seen some dramatic renovations at the Federal Reserve Building, which is expected to become a retail/office hub. Curbed has the first look at the impressive new interior and a very party-worthy roof deck.